About Us

“Sometimes I just need to be alone with my FREESTYLE MUSIC”

Latin Hip Hop, Latin Style, or FREESTYLE MUSIC, the many names our favorite genre is called, has been helping us make memories for the fans and keeping them moving on the dance floor, while in our cars, and on the go since the early 80’s.

And now more than 30 years later, fans and Artists alike are keeping the music we love alive and well.

Although radio & video channels stopped playing FREESTYLE, the music kept going. Freestyle Music has never stopped and in recent years has seen new fans and artists embrace the sound we have all grown to love.

This site has been a longtime in the making, and this site will help keep the history of the music we love to the fans.

Stay tuned as we tell the story of FREESTYLE MUSIC, and the Artists you all love, one story at time.

With plans of a documentary, Concert Series both Nationally and Internationally, as well as sharing new music by the artists.

And what I LOVE FREESTYLE MUSIC is all about.

Remember the times when our only concern was about our outfit we were wearing for the weekend and who knew the correct lyrics to our favorite freestyle song, Let’s take you back!!!!