Johnny O

Johnny O, Many have called themselves “The King of Freestyle”, but only one Artist can officially call himself that.

After successfully Trademarking the name, the fans embraced Johnny O AS THE TRUE KING OF FREESTYLE.

His humble beginnings started off as a young boy in his NY city bedroom as he imitated his favorite stars. His passion for music and the  arts consumed him completely. Life’s path led him to hold many jobs, he worked various jobs like; Bike Messenger, Fashion Sales Representative in the NYC Manhattan Fashion District, Elite car sales, and Commercial / Private Real Estate business. But it wasn’t long before the newest dance craze “break dancing and popping” took a prominent role in his life (1984). As he perfected his dance moves dancing, he ventured into singing as he gained recognition for his first Billboard top 40 hit, 1987’s “Fantasy Girl”, which eventually achieved international club and chart success. This was followed up by his 1989 debut self titled album “Johnny O”, which reached gold status due to the success of “Fantasy Girl”.

In 1989, he continued with such hits like “highways Of Love”, ”Memories”, and a follow up duet “Dream Boy Dream Girl” in 1991, with label mate Cynthia.

The success of the duet elevated his career, when the single became the “#1 requested song on the crossover top 40 FM Radio stations both in the U.S & internationally”.

He gained International recognition and the song eventually reached platinum status, and still considered today one of the all-time Freestyle/Dance songs ever.

 The Song “Dream Boy Dream Girl” became one of the longest, record breaking (29 years) duets performed today, enjoying many weeks at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in July of 1991. It paved the way for many other gigantic hits like: We Can’t go on this way, I love you, Runaway love and many more…

 However, with the change of musical formats on national FM main stream Radio, Johnny O’s dance-pop sound lost much of its initial inclusion of radio, and his music never recaptured his earlier success.

However, despite the U.S FM radio no longer playing Freestyle music, this didn’t stop the love that many fans had globally towards the Freestyle genre. Now thanks to the birth of the internet, the music has seen a huge nostalgic interest and love by early 80’s & 90’s fans and a slew of new generations of fans today. Embarking to release his latest hit “My One and Only,” The Best of Johnny O is far from over and continues today with release after release. It certain the grass roots sounds of highlighting heavy beats, mixed with raw vocals, and a dance-pop sound, will mark the continuation and the reign of The King of Freestyle.