Judy Torres

A motivated and dedicated artist and professional, Judy Torres has had a singing career spanning over three decades. Dubbed the Queen of Freestyle by her fans, she has released two studio albums: Love Story and My Soul on Profile Records, resulting in numerous hit singles including, No Reason To Cry, Come Into My Arms, Love You Will You Love Me, Love Story, Please Stay Tonight, Every Little Lie, I Love You For All Seasons. And since 2006, she’s had more hit singles to add including, Faithfully, Stay, Hell No, and Beautiful Life. Judy has also performed in world famous arenas such as at Radio City Music Hall and Madison Square Garden. Torres has shared stages with musical icons, including Gladys Knight and Tito Puente, and for almost two decades she has been a popular iHeart Media radio personality on NY’s WKTU.

Born to a Cuban father and Puerto Rican mother, Judy was raised in the Bronx, NY by her mom, alongside her three brothers and younger sister. Her resilience today stems from the difficult childhood she faced and the hurdles she has had to overcome since then. Having to endure and witness domestic violence issues which left her helpless and unable to speak up, Judy struggled with an on-going weight and self-esteem issue, and ultimately struggled with bouts of what she calls the “Dark Cloud.”

In 2005, she was unexpectedly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, (No capitalizing the letters, “ms,” please, because, to her, the disease doesn’t deserve to be that important). It is an auto-immune disease without a cure that attacks the central nervous system in a series of exacerbations and remissions. Her initial episode left her temporarily blind for nearly three months and though she eventually regained most of her vision, the experience led her to withdraw into herself. For Judy things began to turn around when she was reminded that although her sight was taken, her voice was not. Judy received the much-needed “wake-up call” when she was able to meet and speak to Montel Williams, an MS advocate also living with the disease. He told her to “keep her mind strong” and from conversing with him and his personal experience in such detail, Judy’s perception was changed from one that was disheartened, to one that was empowered. By looking at the world through fresh eyes, she was able to inject a freshness and diversity into her music that engaged her listeners and encouraged them to face their own demons. Realizing she could still pursue and engage in her passion for music, she was enabled to find her inner strength and pull herself back into the arena of living, daring greatly!